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LESLEY HAMPTON is a fashion label established in Toronto, Canada. Founded by Canadian Arts and Fashion Award-nominated creative director, designer, and First Nation artist Lesley Hampton in 2016, the label focuses on producing exquisite womenswear, specializing in eveningwear, after 5pm, and athleisure. LESLEY HAMPTON caters a sense of confidence and strength through statement pieces and fashion forward accessories for its muses. The brand aims to exemplify the poise and inner determination which can occur within a being. By including diversity not only in every piece designed but also on the runway, LESLEY HAMPTON is recognized for critiquing the conditioned society, focusing on issues of the ideal female body shape and personal identity.

The Fall Winter 2018 collection, entitled “Lithium”, is inspired by the courage it takes to speak up about mental health and the strength it takes to make the necessary changes to live a successful life with mental health.

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