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"Upside Downside Theatre presents Hot Five
After dark, taking a voyeuristic look through the floor-to-ceiling windows of Marvin’s house reveals a glimpse into curiosities of armchair Theorist/Psychiatrist, Marvin. This site-specific, immersive theatre piece interactively delves into one of life's greatest mysteries: where do emotions come from?
Amongst an extensive library of over two-thousand books and loft-style living room, we animate inner workings of the mind. Where the living room ceiling used to be now hangs a 20-foot rope and trapeze. Elements of philosophy and contemporary circus interpret aspects of Marvin’s intellectual and creative brains-- one part theorist, one part psychologist, and one part gymnast. Anecdotal stories are interwoven with theory, as the audience moves through Marvin’s house. Take a glimpse into Marvin’s carnival of mind, matter, and the source of emotions...and he may just invite you inside.

Co-created by Scotty Dont and Zoey Gould
Directed by Zoey Gould, Choreographed by Scotty Dont
Performances by Aude Lavergne, Emily Halliwell-Macdonald, Mike Estes, and Barrett Morrison"
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