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I was walking along Kew Beach on a photo walk when I came across these structures. Searching the Internet, I found out that this structures are from the Toronto's 1st Winter Station competition.

Here was the competition brief from the website

“...These utilitarian structures are to be used as the armature or foundation for pieces of public art. The pieces are temporary installations and need to be able to withstand the rigours of Toronto winter weather. They are to be installed February 16, 2015 until March 20, 2015.

This is an open international competition, welcoming artists, designers, architects and landscape architects.

We have chosen a theme of Warmth this year. Competitors are asked to create installations anchored to the lifeguard stands which can add among other things, colour, movement and humour to the landscape. It is hoped these installations will engage the audience in a dialogue with designers and their intent. There is no limit to the size of the installation, but please note that included in the jurors instructions will be durability and constructability.

Each individual lifeguard stand is basically identical to the others. They are sturdy steel pipe structures to which your installation is to be fastened. The method of fastening is up to each competitor however it may not result in any damage to the structure. As this is the off season for use, there are few restrictions on covering the stations, the three exceptions are: the shepherds' hook, the lifesaving ring and any emergency signage.

Please assume minimal security during the event and the possibility of vandalism or simply wear and tear from the curious. There will be no power or utilities available. Proposals should indicate how materials may be disposed of or recycled at the end of the display period. Please designate on your entry if your design is specific to one particular station or could be any of those identified in the brief.”

From the Toronto Star - Jan 13 2015 edition.

“We’re celebrating the outdoors and the adjacency of the lake,” said Roland Rom Colthoff, the director of RAW architects, the Toronto firm that launched the competition with landscape architect Ted Merrick of Ferris & Associates. “We’re celebrating that landscape in the wintertime, which we would argue is underappreciated.”

The RC Harris building was not part of the competition but where my photo walk ended.
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