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"This year’s line up of acts has returning favourites and exciting new additions. Headlining the show will once again be the Canadian Forces Snowbirds, and also from the Canadian Forces will be this year’s painted CF-18 Demonstration jet, representing the 2013 season’s theme: The Common Thread.
Exciting new acts:
· Jane Wicker Wing Walking - American Jane Wicker will demonstrate the daring and breathtaking art of wing walking. With no safety line or parachute, she amazes the crowd by climbing, walking and hanging all over her Stearman aircraft
· Smoke-N-Thunder Jet Car Demo - What races down the runway at 400 mph, shooting 20-foot flames and billowing smoke out the back? American Bill Braack and his jet car!
· Gord Price - Still flying aerobatics at age 71, Gord Price from Thornbury, Ontario was a Canadian Unlimited Aerobatic Champion during the 1980s. He flies his Russian Yak 50, serial number 01
Local favourites:
· Jet Aircraft Museum – with their T-33 Silver Star ‘Mako Shark’ housed at the Waterloo airport
· Canadian Harvard Aircraft Association – 4-plane formation team from Tillsonburg
· Wayne Hadath - Kitchener resident who races his home-built F1-Rocket and flew to a 1st place finish in the 2011 prestigious Air Venture Cup

And more:
· Canadian Forces Snowbirds - with their awe-inspiring 9-plane aerobatic formations
· Canadian Forces CF-18 Demonstration jet - Canada's frontline fighter jet
· Kent Pietsch - veteran U.S. aerobatic performer with 3 separate acts
· Rick Volker - U.S. aerobatic performer pulling up to 11 Gs. Call him Dr. Rick – dentist by day
· L29 Delfin - owned and flown by Waterloo Air Show Co-producer Richard Cooper
· Pyro - Kaboom! Catch the Wall of Fire as the CF-18 fighter jet speeds past"
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