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"Well-established in midtown Toronto as the place to study Latin and Ballroom, Love To Dance has been offering both private and group lessons for children and adults of all ages for over 8 years. The studio’s focus is to bring back dance into people’s everyday lives. Its professional and friendly instructors make it very comfortable to branch out if Latin and Ballroom are new to you, and for those who are more advanced, they will challenge you every step of the way. Love To Dance also has a unique specialty of teaching tricks, dips and lifts"

From their website:

2012 Holiday Ball Challenge Pro-Am Showcase

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Created 23-Jan-13
Modified 23-Jan-13
2012 Holiday Ball Challenge Pro-Am Showcase

2012 Cabaret Extravaganza

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Created 30-Jan-13
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2012 Cabaret Extravaganza