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The Pre-Professional Training Program (PPTP) is designed for the committed and talented dance student (ages 13-21 years of age) seriously considering a professional dance career. The PPTP objective is to provide strong technical training in a number of related and mutually supportive dance disciplines.
Dancers will develop a high level of skill, versatility, and professionalism necessary to succeed in today’s dance industry.

This Program offers Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, House, Salsa, Bollywood, Modern, Musical Theatre, Conditioning, and more. The individually-tailored curriculum offers an emphasis on personal attention and mentoring in order to nurture each student's full potential as a performer and individual. Technique classes are designed specifically to nourish each dancers skills and abilities.
Performance skills are honed through workshops and performances. This program is open to both Domestic and International students.

2013/14 Pre-Professional Company

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2014/15 Pro-professional

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2017 The Collective

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